Essex Ethanol

A Thamesiders mainline standard module by Boyd French

Essex Ethanol comprises two 4’ x 2’ modules. The first module built contains the storage tanks and mixing tanks and linked to the TBR module via the mainline and a spur. The module also incorporates a passing loop to link to TBR’s passing loop to increase the length of a train that could be accommodated. Later a second board was added to include the processing plant which was sandwiched between this first board and the TBR thus increasing the length of the passing loop. This module also included a maintenance shed. A plan of the two boards is shown below.


Turnout control is via a Signalist SC2 accessory decoder and servos acting as slow action turnout motors.

The current stage of the modules is shown below. The photos were taken at Alexandra Palace in March 2013.

ethanol4 ethanol3 ethanol2 ethanol1

Further details are available in the Essex Ethanol Modules document available here.

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