Module Standards and Specifications

HO Scale Modules

We build modules to a number of different construction standards and specifications. At present the HO group build modules to our own standards, the first for “mainline” modules and the second to a “branch line” standard. All these modules form our HO layout, the Essex Belt Lines.

The mainline standard can be found here TM-S1-issue-1F.

The branchline standard can be found here TM-S2-issue-1F.

Members are also beginning to construct modules to the new NMRA British Region HO Scale module specification, this is known as the freemo system. The specification can be found on the Region’s website be following this link

There is an NMRA HO Module Special Interest Group, led by Martyn Read non members are welcome to sign up for the monthly freemo connect newsletter at

The group’s current modules have been modified to support operations at the new region standard height of 45″.

N Scale Modules

More information to follow – Please check back soon.

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