Terminal Belt Railroad – Industrial District

The Terminal Belt Railroad (TBR) is a typical city waterfront switching and terminal railroad serving an industrial district, complemented by a car float operation and with direct interchange access to a main line railroad. Comparable railroads could be found on both the east and west coast of the USA right up to the early 1980’s.


Similar to the Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal in New York the owner of the TBR also owns the large brewery complex and car float operation inclusive of the tug boats used. Also similar to the Bush Terminal Railroad of New York the small passenger station is used by employees working within the industrial district.

The industrial district track plan is based on the famous Timesaver developed by John Allen and takes advantage of extensive use of Y turnouts to keep the overall layout length as short as possible.

During operating sessions whether the venue is east or west coast is dependent upon the locomotive road names used. The same goes for era, with GE box cabs and 40 foot freight cars of the 1940’s through to GE 44 and 70 tonners and EMD and Alco switchers working 50 foot rolling stock until the demise of the system.

The module is built to the Thamesiders Branchline Standard and can be connected to the main EBL layout, further branchline modules or operate independently.


Further information about this module can be found here tbrid141001

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