Terminal Belt Railroad (TBR)

General overview

The Terminal Belt Railroad (TBR) is a typical city belt line with mainline trackage rights linking various yards owned by individual Class 1 railroads. The TBR has its own yard serving a range of industries and freight transfer facilities.

The module is 12′ straight plus a 90 degree corner. In addition the module is now available in both modern and transition era modes.

Modern era

A large 1960’s style concrete grain handling and storage complex is complemented by additional modern steel silos supplying an adjacent ethanol plant (see separate description).

Warehouses or “modern big sheds” including a rail to truck freight transfer facility.


Two long spurs lead into a large intermodal COFC and TOFC yard complete with Mi Jack transfer cranes, a container straddle crane and numerous reach stackers and fork lift trucks. A large concrete apron is used for container stacks and trailer storage.


Transition period

A large concrete grain handling and storage complex is adjacent to a brewery and warehousing facility.

Two long spurs double as team tracks serving the nearby warehouses and local industries and as stub tracks leading to a trailer piggy back “circus end loading/unloading” ramp. A large concrete apron is used for trailer storage and truck parking.


Further details of the TBR are available here tbrml141102

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