A Thamesiders mainline standard module by Mike Arnold.

The original two-board Lonestar has now been extended to include further industries at the right hand end. In addition the two tracks either side of the single track main now serve as passing loops or a run round. The outer track head shunt at right can also serve as a loco stabling point or caboose track. However, when connected to the man line set up, the outer track can be lined up with other “front of house” boards such as the intermodal yard or the ethanol plant to extend double track running/passing loop.


16’ by 2’ four board set up provides two run round/passing loops either side of the single track mainline plus the following industries: Lonestar Cold Store; Laxton Transload Center and Gillard Scrap & Salvage.

Please see the document MIKE ARNOLD MODULES for more information.

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