Delta junctions – AP Tower and Clark Junction

Two major modules of the EBL are the two junction modules, known as Delta junctions for their track arrangement. The two are mirror images of each other, allowing them to be placed on the ends of the staging yard. Each junction has a main line across the front of the module this crosses a branchline track with access between the two in one quadrant.

Both junctions are named after late members of the group, both founder members. One junction has a model of a traditional interlocking tower and is named AP Tower after the late Arthur Parish, the other junction models a more modern interlocking and is named Clark Junction after the late Steve Clark.
The junctions operate in both modern and transition eras.
Each junction measures 5′ 2″ on both axis, and is laid with Peco “83 Line” US style code 83 track, both turnouts are number 8, for both appearance and reliability. The basic plan of the junctions is shown below.
delta junction 1

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