Twin Rivers

A Thamesiders Mainline to NMRA BR Freemo interface module by Mike Arnold

The central board depicts a river crossed on a two span plate girder bridge and a dry wash crossed
on a concrete segmental bridge and measures 4’ by 2’. The outer Y boards have Essex Belt Lines
specification 24” by 4” inner end boards but plain 18” by 4” inch end boards on the outer ends.

The Y boards can be used with other Thamesiders standard modules
As shown single track FreeMo boards can be attached at all or any of the four points as the
set up of the day requires. Wired with Lenz adaptor panels but can be run on any DCC system.

11’ 4” by 3’ 6” (at widest points), provides a link to modules built to the “FreeMo” specification
adopted by NMRA British Region. Provides 90 degree curve (or 45 degrees with only one adapter
board added).

Please see the document MIKE ARNOLD MODULES for more information.