A Modular Paper Mill

A module  by Bob Skinner. Incorporates mainlines to the Black Diamonds specification.

This module just sort of “happened”, much in the same unplanned way as I joined the NMRA and then “Thamesiders” – it seemed a good idea at the time. In fact it is formed of a trio of modules (two 2’x4’ plus 2’x2’) (the smaller one is not shown in the photos.) I claim no specialist knowledge or insight but it did seem that in making a contribution to the planned N-gauge group’s layout it would add interest to include a large industry alongside the double track “main”. My next thought was to get something operable in as short a time as possible, could the module operate as a stand-alone shunting puzzle?


The basic design was then double tracked (Black Diamonds standard) with a single crossover; the siding just north of the mainline was extended – as was the “new product” spur and the yard removed. I then incorporated a three way switch at the east end of that siding to provide further storage. The “next module” to the west (600mmx600mm) is only utilised if required to complement the length of the staging tracks (not shown); it consists of a simple double track with a single track 45* crossing at grade, protected by a tower.