A Module at the planning stage by Mike Arnold

Based on Schelville, California, the division point where during the period to the late 1990s the SP
and latterly the California Northern met the North Western Pacific at the Schelville yard. The lumber
yard was actually off old SP trackage that came across the NWP tracks at right angles and was off a
spur beyond the next field! But modeller’s licence dictates it be closer and as latterly operated after
the SP line was removed.
The NWP trackage, still there today but with only a three track yard, proceeds off the right in a
compass South direction before heading West and then North. The SP/CNRR trackage heads East to
Suisun where the SP (now UP) main line is.

TBA but will be an elongated L with a curve providing 90 degrees for any set up followed by a four
track yard for the remainder of the modules to the right with a kick back to the left providing access
to a branch line and one industry (lumber yard) off the branch line. It may also incorporate a
complete triangle giving access all ways.

Please see the document MIKE ARNOLD MODULES for more information.