A Thamesiders mainline standard module by Mike Arnold.

Currently there are two stub ended spur tracks either side of the single track main line. One on
outside can serve as a team track; the other acts as a head shunt for a short kick-back siding into the
rear of a cold store with two can spots (turnout leading in to it is purely cosmetic and non-
Eventually this set up will be extended out to 16’ by 2’ adding an additional industry (probably a
small cement works) and the two spur tracks will be converted into sidings for run round/passing
loops. The outer track may also have an extension to the board edge to line up with other “front of
house” boards such as the intermodal yard or the ethanol plant.

8’ by 2’ two board set up (will be extended) provides two spurs either side of the single track
mainline plus one cold store industry.

Please see the document MIKE ARNOLD MODULES for more information.